1. I forget at what point you lose it with out enough solid REM sleep

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    I’m not even in this fandom, but hearing this made me feel so much better about life

    I needed this today.

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  3. Me

    I do my best to try and be there for friends, family, and loved ones whenever they are upset, hurt, confused, wanting to vent etc. .  I have been told over the years that I always think “outside the box” and jumble around different scenarios or variables  in any given situation to better understand it.  I feel like shit and I guess no one really sees it.  There is some quote out there about happiness and broken people,  the sum of it being something along the lines of : broken and sad people know what its like to feel worthless and helpless and thats why they try so hard to make people happy or cheer them up because they know what its like and they don’t want anyone else to feel that way or something… I have felt like that person for soo long (10+ years) and no one seems to notice or care or voice their feelings or thoughts to me other then my doctor. 


  5. I will never stop learning

  6. Steven Cortes, true makio, Fullerton, California

    Photo by Jonathan Labez.


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    For those active in the community, chances are you’ve heard a lot about HolyWater, the Clear, Raw Co2, Terp Sap, etc. So what makes these products unique?
    In this article, Medical Jane takes an inside look at live resin extractions and terpene-rich concentrates. We thank them for including us in the writeup!

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    Kids love rollerblading.
    Robert Guerrero
    Photo by Ryan Schude in a 2004 Issue of Daily Bread Magazine.

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